Visitors in Classes – MBA admission season

I guess this is that time of the year. We see a few visitors in classes. Our Organizational Behavior class has been very popular. Probably because it is in the afternoon. If you visit, please do plan on attending a class. Pick a first year course over an elective. For sure you are going to catch many of us first years who still remember the process and most importantly you could be in that class same time next year. Wow!

Make sure you introduce yourself to the professor before the class starts so she/he knows that you are visiting prospectives.

In the class listen not really to the content but how is it delivered, how the interactions go, how are the people challenged, how do study group members support each other etc

If I may ask one thing, you will see us raising our hands to speak throughout the class but resist your temptation to join in. You might have the perfect point to make but the context is not there. The professor may feel kindly towards you and let you speak, but you may not know what happened in the class the previous day or the week before. Yes it did happen in one of our class.

I hope I didn’t sound too rude in asking this.


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