Thankful for…

It’s my first Thanksgiving weekend on the opposite coast from where I’ve spent my whole life to date, and I thought I’d ruminate via this blog on a few things I’m thankful for now that I’m at Haas:
-Day trips to beautiful Sonoma and Napa Valley (pics taken by yours truly!)
-Study group members who have taught me about Economics and Statistics…but much more importantly, the world
-Costume parties
-Thai Noodle on Shattuck–open until 2 AM (and often crawling with Haas students post-aforementioned costume parties!)
-Surprisingly entertaining Accounting professors
-Haas Cafe coffee — tasty and strong
-Seventy-degree days in mid-November (see next bullet)
-2-hour bike rides along the Bay
-Consumption Functions
-Fellow students passionate about social change and entrepreneurship
-Fellow students NOT pasionate about being competitive, ruthless and closed-minded
-Case competitions…and generally pushing yourself
-The ease of BARTing to the city (although decidedly NOT thankful that the last train is at midnight!)
-MBAA, Net Impact, GSVC, and the Education Club
-Having options (trips, career paths, classes, etc etc)
-In and Out Burger (worth the trip from Berkeley)
-Late-night conversations with roommies about business, politics and sports…and the business of politics and sports
-Spending all my time with my new girlfriend (her name is Haas)
-Being me in a new place
-Budding friendships and memories both had and yet to be had
-Being a part of a special community…for life

Lots to be thankful for indeed. That was only scratching the surface. Hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Day!


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