Tri Girl Tri

Last Saturday, about fifteen fine ladies from Haas teamed up to participate in the TRI, GIRL, TRI!® – 6th Annual All Women’s Triathlon at Napa. The group included a nice mix of experienced athletes and absolute newbies, but everyone agreed that it was a morning that was very well spent.

Here’s a shout out to the awesome Haas women including Kristen, Siddhi, Heather, Li Chien, Abi, Sarah, Jeannette, Grace, Kim, Allison, Erika, Deepa, Elise, Joyce, (and me). And a double cheer for our inspiration winning team of Heather, Abi and Kim for WINNING the triathlon.

Here’s to girl power and the Haas Spirit!


Baby Carrots and the MBAA

I spent the last weekend in Healdsburgh, California, for the kickoff and strategy retreat of the newly elected Haas MBA Association and wanted to use this opportunity to write a little more about the role of the MBAA in our program. Pretty much every full-time MBA student at Haas is a member of the MBAA. The MBAA is the umbrella organization for all student clubs and activities at Haas and acts as the representative of the student body towards the administration. Haas students who join the MBAA will get access to

  • Haas student clubs and organizations, including all industry clubs and cultural and special interest groups
  • A wide variety of social events, including monthly consumption functions, the Haas Bar of the Week
  • MBAA sponsored career activities, including club fairs, networking activities and conferences

In addition, the MBAA sponsors technology investments to support students and student organizations, supports outreach to prospective students and organizes activities in the broader community. So what happened at our retreat? As the incoming MBAA we had to agree on a budget for the next 12 months, discuss our strategic priorities for the year (which we will presented to the student body soon), resolve open policy issues and of course also used the opportunity to get together as a team for an extended period of time. We worked hard, but we also partied hard, enjoyed our home-made food and had a fun time.

While I can’t publicize all the details here, we had some great (and sometimes heated) discussions and I can proudly say that as the new VP of International Student Affairs I am part of a group of amazing people with an incredible commitment to supporting our students, our school and the greater Haas community.

Apart from budget issues, we also delved into a much more mundane question: Where do baby carrots come from. Wikipedia of course had the answer and it seems like most baby carrots come from Bakersfield, California. Did you know, that some baby carrots are simply carrots harvested early, while others are full-grown carrots, cut into smaller pieces? Also, round 1 decisions have started to go out: Congratulations to all the admitted students! I know some of you will be disappointed because you did not make it into Haas. Just know that your business school admission decision does not define who you are,


Long time no post

I haven’t posted in quite a while, so this is a short update about what’s been going on in my MBA-life over the last weeks

My housemates rock
3 weeks ago we celebrated Halloween with almost 400 other MBA students at a bar in San Francisco. Not only did the organizers manage to raise almost $10,000 for several local charities, we also had a fantastic night out and I was amazed by the costumes on display that night.

What does this have to do with my housemates? There are 5 of us. See what happens, when 5 MBA students dress up as Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Freddie and Scooby-Doo:

(That picture was taken at our house before we left for the party.)

Last week also saw the elections for the Haas MBAA, our MBA Student Association. After 3 hours of candidate speeches, all students had the opportunity to elect our new president and 12 officers in a first round and a subsequent run-off. I am glad to report today, that I was elected VP of International. Together with my fellow officers and our new president I will work as a liaison between the student body and the administration, champion new initiatives, and partner with clubs, the admissions office, career services and alumni relations, to help make Haas an even better place. We have a fantastic leadership team in place, and I am looking forward to an exciting year as an MBAA officer.

Random news

  • We are already halfway through Fall-B. I just finished my accounting midterm, and my marketing midterm is coming up next week.
  • I just back from another great trip up to Sonoma this morning. We spent yesterday afternoon in Sonoma Valley, visiting several vineyards and then met up with a larger group of MBA students for dinner and more drinks.
  • Play was a fantastic conference. Congratulations to DMEC, the Digital Media & Entertainment Club for organizing this exciting event.
  • Just in: Haas alum Shantanu Narayen will take over the CEO role at Adobe. He has been president and COO at Adobe for the past 3 years and was one of the keynote speakers during this year’s orientation week. Shantanu Narayen graduated from Haas with an MBA in 1993.
  • Link of the day: Vivian’s MBA Blog – Vivian worked for McKinsey’s Taipei office before coming to Haas. Check out her blog to learn more about her MBA journey.


Napa Valley Triathlon

My alarm went off at 4:40am last Sunday, and as is typical for me, I practically jumped out of bed and started moving. After getting all of my gear into my roommate’s car, I was on the road by 5:00am. The first song I hear on any given morning tends to stay in my head for the rest of the day, and on Sunday morning it was “Tear-Stained Letter” by Johnny Cash.

After about an hour and 45 minutes of driving (the last hour of which consisted of approximately 600 hairpin turns), I arrived at the Lake Berryessa race site. For those of you on the East Coast, Lake Berryessa is unlike any body of water you’ll see east of the Mississip. Although I was disappointed to learn that it’s actually a man-made lake, it was no less spectacular to look at from the road.

I was greeted by familiar faces almost immediately. The Haas Triathlon Team has probably existed in other forms in the school’s history, but this year, two of my classmates (and me to a lesser extent) revived it into its present-day incarnation. Since the beginning of 2007, a group of about 10-15 of us have been training together regularly in preparation for the Napa Triathlon (0.5 mile swim-15 mile bike-4 mile run). We’ve done open water swims, track workouts, trail runs, spin classes and core (abdominal) workouts. It worked out well, and on race day, I think about 15 of us (classmates and partners) were representing Haas. Matt, one of the founding partners, had already put blue and yellow balloons in the transition area so that we could all put our bikes near one another. (Ken, the other founding partner, was at a wedding in New York. He was there in spirit.)

We cavorted in the transition area, putting on sunscreen (hi Mom!) and placing our bike and run gear in just the right position next to our bikes. At 7:45, we headed down to the water’s edge for the start of the swim. There were six “waves” of participants, and we each self-selected into a wave depending on our swimming ability. Matt started in the first wave (he and I actually swam together at Princeton), and Kathy and I followed behind in the second wave. The others left in later waves. Kathy took off on me almost immediately (she swam at Texas A&M which, unlike Princeton, is a “real” Division I school…just kidding, Teeter!), but I didn’t care because I felt great. Johnny: “I’m gonna write a tear-stained letter, I’m gonna tell you one more time.” I saw Kathy again in the transition area before the bike. We exchanged a few words, and then she was out on the bike. I need to stop talking during transitions, because it took me an abysmal 3:30 to get out of the water and on the bike – ridiculously slow!

A couple of miles into the bike, I caught up to Kathy. The bike course was an out-and-back format, and the headwind on the way out was pretty fierce. Matt passed me going the other direction, and I noticed that he was winning the whole thing by about 4 minutes or so at that point. At the turn-around, I was hoping that the wind hadn’t switched directions so that I could have a tailwind on the way back. It hadn’t, and the wind helped a lot on the back half. I passed some of my teammates who were headed out on the bike (they were in later waves of the swim, so they were behind by 5-6 minutes). Johnny: “I can see you sittin’ and readin’ it while you hang your head and cry.”

Finally back at the transition area, I racked my bike and headed out on the run. It was a hot day, and once I started running, I began to feel the heat on my face. I drank water at all three of the aid stations, and my mouth still felt dry. The first half of the run was uphill, and I kept telling myself that the second half would be much easier. It was, and Johnny returned: “It’ll be about the saddest thing your mailman ever did bring around.” I finished in a little over one hour and 38 minutes, which is acceptable but not stellar. I could have worked the second half of the bike – and the first half of the run – harder than I did. Next time.

After I crossed the finish line, I cheered on my teammates as they finished, and everyone was in great spirits afterwards. For more than half of the group, the Napa Tri was their first triathlon, and I heard many of them talking about “the next one.” That made me so happy! It was so fun training with everyone, and it seemed like everyone was sufficiently prepared for race day.

We’re already planning the next triathlon we’re going to do as a team. The group is looking at Treasure Island and/or Pacific Grove. Stay tuned!

—Lindsay G.