Spring Classes

Winter break is almost over. And while I really enjoy having some time off in Berkeley, I am also eagerly waiting for my classmates to return to start our last semester in style.

This might be the last time in quite a quite for me to go to school, so I took extra care in the fall to select my spring classes (while also trying to optimize my spring schedule to be able to enjoy long weekends in Tahoe).

The class that went for the most bid points this semester was “Power and Politics”. Fortunately I already took that class last spring, so I was able to get into all the Haas classes I wanted. So without further ado, here is my list of classes for the spring:

  • Risk Management via Optimization and Simulation
  • Global Management Skills
  • Marketing in Web 2.0
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Energy and Environmental Markets
  • Hal Varian‘s Technology Strategy

I am also waitlisted for Robert Reich’s “Poverty and Wealth” class at the Goldman School and considering going to PEIS 100 (Classical Theories of Political Economy).

I took mostly functional classes over the last semesters, so I felt that this semester I should take a few more industry focused classes.


Let It Snow!

There’s a great debate on which ski area in Tahoe is the best. I’m not qualified to give an answer and I’m sure it will not be resolved for quite some time.

When, however, a group of friends rents a place in South Lake and student (restricted) season passes at Kirkwood are less than $200, it becomes easy to pick a mountain.

Sadly, until last weekend, the season, well… sucked. The melting of what little snow there was coupled with ice off piste made for unpleasant times on the slope and made me regret the cash outlay.

All that changed this weekend. Over the last week, Kirkwood saw multiple feet of snow, most of it coming Thursday night, making for some great snowboarding again.

So this…

Became this…

While it’s a slightly different view of the same peak, you get the point. Snow, and lots of it!

Six of us arrived Thursday night and feasted on steaks, some amazing homemade mash potatoes (apparently, the secret is the ranch dressing added to the potatoes), and green beans topped with a nice red wine. Early to bed, early to rise and we had a fresh blanket of snow to play in. A few others drove up that morning from the Bay Area and joined us on the mountain.

After a full day of fresh tracks in powder, we returned to South Lake. It was date night for me and we headed into town for an evening out while others sprinted for the hot tub on their arrival.

The next day, the rest of the Bay Area arrived and the traffic getting into Kirkwood was crazy! Even at 11:30am, there was a line of cars outside the ski area trying to get in to park.

Seeing the line, my fiancée and I headed over to the cross-country ski center and decided to change things up a bit. It proved to be a great choice.

While the downhill skiers enjoyed their time on the slope, we had a great time in the meadow. Not having been on cross country skis since 1988 (my first and only time until this weekend), it was fun re-learning the basics. We survived, and even found the gang at the mountain for lunch.

Unfortunately, other events called, so after just two days, we returned home to the Bay Area. While we missed the more than 2 feet of snow that fell since we left, we also missed chain control and the hordes of people making their way back to the Bay Area.

Now if only they could move the mountain to Berkeley….

—Colin C.

I love my computer (oh, and you too honey)

My wireless was giving me some grief, so I took it in for repairs. Long story short, I was without a computer for 21 days. I had no idea how attached I have become. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem, but boy was I wrong. Photos, music, banking, record keeping, shopping, weather, directions, sports, and more.

Now add school: add/drop, prepping for classes, downloading assignments, finding books, completing assignments, coordinating class groups, and getting information on social and school events.

I knew I needed my computer, but I never knew.

Now that I have it back (I got it back yesterday), it took me a day to get my life back in order. Now, I’m finding out how much I need wireless (the issue was my fault, hence no warranty). I’m uncomfortably bent over my computer, sitting on my floor near the wireless router that sadly blinks yellow at me because it misses me so.

Two and a half years ago, I was using a dial-up modem and Windows 95. Today, I’m finding myself alarmingly attached to my Mac with WiFi. I can’t wait until that WiFi card order arrives.

Then I scroll past this story about how 65% of Americans spend more time with their computer than their significant other and how much more addicted we are to our computers. It’s a sad world.

So I’m going to shut my computer off now, go to Bar of the Week tonight, and then spend some time with my friends in Tahoe over the remainder of the weekend.

Don’t worry computer, I’ll be back Sunday night. I promise.

—Colin C.


The transition is underway. Elections are on-going, bidding for classes has begun, successors are being chosen for clubs. First years are eager to be the big guns on campus and drill down the internships; second years are looking at jobs, snow, and our last classes.

Academically, I’m now starting to focus on my final projects. For New Product Development, I’m designing Project Runway design challenges with Meghna (post below) based on course lessons and conducting a post-mortem on a company started by a fellow classmate; developing a marketing plan for Audi in my Brand Management class; preparing for a Corporate Finance final involving bond covenants, taxes, and asymmetric information; and focusing on an unknown Service Strategy case for the final, having just completed my American Express Interactive case presentation last night. (Hence the delay in blog.)

Socially, I’m looking forward to snow in Tahoe, winter parties, winter break and more time in my schedule next year.

Right now, I’ve got to focus on homework due later today.

—Colin C.