C4C Special Olympics Basketball Clinic

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This morning 10 volunteers from Haas headed down to the Haas Pavilion for a morning of basketball organised by the Cal Athletics Department and the Special Olympics. About 30 Special Olympics athletes came, and we were helped by about 10 student athlete volunteers. It was cool to get out on the Haas Pavilion Court! We […]

A beautiful morning in Berkeley…

After a jam-packed orientation week last week, first years have two (wonderful) free days before classes start on Wednesday. Most of us have been using the time to prepare for classes, catch up on a bit of sleep, and take care of general “life admin”.

If there was going to be a day this semester when I went out for a morning run, I figured this would be it. I managed to get out of bed before 7am (which, in the student world, feels like 5am) and headed out shortly thereafter.

The air was crisp, the sky was blue and the usual morning fog was nowhere to be found. I headed up through campus and was met with the quintessential Berkeley landmarks of Memorial Glade, the Campanile, and Doe basking in the morning sun. I took it all in, realizing how lucky I am to be back at Berkeley – this time as a graduate student – and here at Haas as an MBA.

Sighing a happy sigh, I continued to huff and puff my way up through the hilly campus while full of anticipation for the next two years of school!


Tri Girl Tri

Last Saturday, about fifteen fine ladies from Haas teamed up to participate in the TRI, GIRL, TRI!® – 6th Annual All Women’s Triathlon at Napa. The group included a nice mix of experienced athletes and absolute newbies, but everyone agreed that it was a morning that was very well spent.

Here’s a shout out to the awesome Haas women including Kristen, Siddhi, Heather, Li Chien, Abi, Sarah, Jeannette, Grace, Kim, Allison, Erika, Deepa, Elise, Joyce, (and me). And a double cheer for our inspiration winning team of Heather, Abi and Kim for WINNING the triathlon.

Here’s to girl power and the Haas Spirit!


Cohorts Olympics in First Year O-Week

Today August 19th is the third day of the Orientation week for our first-year new MBA students. It turned out to be an athletic day. After a whole morning of meaningful and fun volunteering labor work in a local community for homeless people, we had an afternoon of even more fun, more laugh, and very competitive Cohorts Olympics.

As an Haas MBA tradition, we have four cohorts every year: Gold, Blue, Oski, and Axe.
Gold and Blue are named by the California Golden Bears which is the nickname used for 27 varsity athletic programs of the University of California, Berkeley, and the official campus alma mater for UC Berkeley is “All Hail Blue and Gold”. Oski is the official mascot of the UC Berkeley. Axe is named from the trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Big Game, college football rivalry between the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University.

—Freeman Ding

Play Ball!

As the co-president of the Haas General Management & Strategy Club, I had the privilege to invite Sandy Alderson (former CEO of the San Diego Padres, former Executive VP of MLB, and the mastermind behind Moneyball) to speak at our bi-annual CEO Spotlight Event tonight. During the 1.5-hour presentation, Sandy gave us candid advice on sports management, business practices, and life. Sandy, a long-time leader in the baseball world and a board member of Haas, gave us his take on “leading through innovation” from a sports angle.

Before I dropped Sandy off at SFO, we continued our discussion in my car on the steroid era, the Padres’ recent challenges, A-Rod, and our favorite baseball players. As a hardcore fan of everything baseball, I was simply overjoyed to be able to learn from such a knowledgeable, energetic, and genuine leader. When you come to Haas, you will be surprised how many amazing, inspiring individuals you get to meet on a daily basis. I’m glad to be a Haas student.

—Eugene Lin

The Big Kahuna

I went down to Santa Cruz for my first triathlon with the Cal Triathlon team last weekend. It was amazing. I’ve been racing tris for five seasons and I never felt so much love from the fans as I did in this race since I was wearing a Cal Tri uniform. From the moment I pulled off my wetsuit I was getting “Go Bears!” and “Way to go Cal.” I even got a couple “ROOOOLLLL OOOON YEEE BEEEARS” … which given how long it would take to yell that you can figure out how fast I wasn’t going. The course was beautiful too – swim around the pier (my first ocean swim – I got tossed by a few swells), following highway 1 on the bike, and along a walking path for the run. The best part though was the celebratory In ‘n Out double-double animal style on the way home.